InFocus HeadQuarter is in Portland, Oregon.
InFocus HeadQuarter is in Portland, Oregon.


InFocus Corporate HQ


13190 SW 68th Parkway, Suite 200


Portland, OR 97223-8368

About InFocus

InFocus Corporation is a privately owned American company based in the state of Oregon. Founded in 1986, the company develops, manufactures, and distributes DAL and LCD projectors and accessories as well as large-format touch displays, software, LED televisions, tablets and smartphones InFocus also offers video calling services. 

InFocus, the inventor of the modern day projector, is innovating collaboration solutions that drive successful, visual teamwork in large venues, conference rooms, classrooms and workstations throughout the world. InFocus creates affordable solutions to deliver fluid, convenient, dynamic ways to stay connected anytime, anywhere.  Delivering end-to-end, system-level solutions, InFocus is enabling people to connect, share and collaborate.

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